NICOLE Liability Transfer booklet – Questionnaire

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As you may know already, we have initiated a working group “Liability Transfer” that looks into the different aspects and regimes of liability transfer in the various EU-countries but also including some non-EU members such as Turkey, Russia. When different legislations and regimes exist in one country, we would like to receive the information per region. Attached is a list of the countries we want to be covered. Belgium is given as an example where different legislation exists in one country.

With this mail, we are calling for volunteers to fill in the attached questionnaire:

  • Can you please send to Nan and Lucia Buvé which country/region you are willing to cover, by Mid May.
  • We are asking you then to complete the questionnaire by Mid June. Should you need more time, please inform us
  • For this exercise, no fee is foreseen, but we will include your company logo in the final publication, provided you give us the approval to do so.

We thank you very much upfront for your contribution, we are convinced that the outcome of this exercise will be beneficiary to all of us.

To download the questionnaire, please click the link.