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In Situ Remediation Reagents International ATV Soil and Groundwater Seminar


ATV Soil and Groundwater is pleased to invite you to a 1-day seminar regarding status and innovations for in situ remediation reagents. The meeting aims to provide an overview of the state of the art practice for the most common in situ reactants such as zero-valent iron, injectable activated carbon and ISCO reagents based on presentations from some of the most recognized scientists, practitioners, and consultants in the field.

Aside from designing a correct injection/delivery protocol, the properties of the reactants are also critical for a successful remediation. Vendors are constantly coming up with new innovations trying to optimize the desirable processes, which is combining high and specific reactivity/sorption capacity with appropriate transportability and longevity. It can be difficult for remediation practitioners and authorities to understand the different reactants’ strengths and weaknesses.

The seminar will address these issues and provide the opportunity to discuss and exchange lessons learned from research and application. Read more here.

MONDAY MARCH 2, 2020, Vingsted Hotel and Conference Center, Bredsten near Vejle, Denmark


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